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  1. Instead of talking about me personally all the time, try to deal with the information in the subject. I don't want to get into a back and forth banter with you on a personal level. It accomplishes nothing. You could comment on Trudeau changing Canada into a third world dictatorship with his immigration policies and appointments.
  2. “The University of Calgary posted a job opening for a professor at its Haskayne School of Business. However, the position is only open to “qualified Black scholars.” Canada’s centres of “higher learning” refer to this as “racial equity.” Cultural Action Party refer to it as racism against Caucasian Canadians. Degree of expected fall-out? Absolutely nothing. Don’t you know? Contemporary Canada is systemically prejudiced against Anglophone citizens. All of it perfectly acceptable— the targets are Caucasians." White Canadians Excluded From Being Hired At Canadian Universities (capforcanada.com)
  3. I looked at your first comment and it is just a general statement rejecting the information from CAP. That is not being constructive in debate. Simple rejection has no support or evidence. I scanned through the CAP article again and can't see anything there that one could really dispute. You say some statistic is available on some website. That only supports the CAP claim doesn't it. Perhaps they didn't see that particular website. CAP states Trudeau appoints people who are relatively new immigrants to key positions in government is obvious. He appointed someone from south America to be a heritage minister who wants to bring in laws that would seriously harm freedom of speech on the internet. He made many other appointments of visible minorities, some of whom, are barely Canadian, that do seriously have an impact of white Caucasians as CAP says. It all makes sense. It is affecting the Canadian Forces, which can't even find enough applicants to join the forces. The policies are being forced onto the public service and wherever the liberals can force them. I am talking about the woke policies and affirmative action policies. Trudeau sees himself as the great champion of the third world immigrants.
  4. Very difficult to have a rational conversation with you. You need to be saved first otherwise we are beating our heads against a wall. You don't understand the difference between good and evil or accept there is a God to whom everyone is accountable. So how is it possible to communicate on moral issues?
  5. This is the centre of what I posted in my second or subsequent post from CAP. "We acknowledge a fundamental fact. Away from the media spotlight, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government processed a record-number of immigration applications in 2022. The number stands at 4.8 million applications. In 2021, 2.5 million were processed. Although mentioned in a recent CAP article, it is worth additional emphasis: The total amount equates with a whopping 19.2% of the current Canadian population. Seeing as media refuse to expose this, they are also off-the-hook for reporting the source nations of these migrants: India, China, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Pakistan, USA, France. In terms of Refugee intake, the leading source nations in 2021 are Iran, Turkey, India, Haiti, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Iraq, Eritrea." Why would that not be factual? Secondly, the impact that has on white European founding people is a fact nobody would dispute. There are even universities in Canada reportedly only hire visible minorities. How often have we heard the term white privilege? We know most of the third world immigrants will vote liberal (or NDP). The system is rigged so the liberals control is very entrenched. Immigration is a key part of the strategy. Many conservatives even think the same way as liberals. Take Erin O'Toole for example or the French ex-premier who ran for the Conservative leadership. He leans heavily toward being a liberal.
  6. No it is not. Ask any doctor, lawyer, or and professional person who knows anything about it. Assisted suicide is actively killing someone who otherwise would not die.
  7. There is no such thing as "religious" banter if it is speaking Biblical truth. Would you consider someone swearing on the Bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth as "religious" banter? Or what about a couple swearing their wedding vows before God? Is that "religious" banter? With your view of God and Biblical truth, it seems impossible to discuss right and wrong or good and evil because it would be all meaningless to you. That is a gulf that is impossible to cross with your mindset. Abortion on demand is against the commandment "thou shalt not kill" in the Bible and the teaching on the sanctity of life, which you would dismiss as "religious banter". Do not resuscitate is not necessarily killing. Every case depends on circumstances and the actual case. Doctors remove extraordinary life support sometimes from people that are in a coma and have no chance of recovery. That is not considered as actively ending someone's life as in euthanasia which is different.
  8. You made a general statement dismissing the article(s) by the Cultural Action Party (CAP) but gave no evidence or proof that they are wrong. We get you don't like what they are saying, but how is something specific they said incorrect?
  9. If you support the right to suicide and the right to doctor-assisted killing or suicide, why would you whine so much about what the government is doing in Iran? Sounds like you are terribly confused. Killing of innocent people is wrong from every angle. "Thou shalt not kill" Exodus ch20 is an important part of the western world's historic Judeo-Christian culture and civilization. Did you not learn that when you immigrated to Canada or in the many years since then? Or have you embraced the government indoctrination that everyone should be free to do their own thing and that is all that matters? Seems like that is what you believe. The liberal motto is everyone can control their life including death. That is what Pierre Trudeau believed when he embraced abortion on demand for every woman in Canada and it became government policy. Today it is doctor-assisted dying. These are purely secular humanist liberal ideas that have become entrenched in government and society but are part of the works of the Devil. They are godless ideologies that must be condemned. These ideas are very similar in their moral slant to what Hitler and the Nazis believed when they executed millions of people in their gas chambers.
  10. "Children are introduced into the medical killing fields by Canadian Virtual Hospice with its Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book, described as being for children ages 6–12. In it, the child is taught how a person is killed during euthanasia:" Canadian Children's Activity Book Indoctrinates Kids into Euthanasia | National Review Trudeau Gov't Fund Children's Activity Book Promoting Euthanasia (capforcanada.com) "The whole euthanasia agenda is gut-wrenching, morally destructive, and wrong. It not only ends the life of despairing people who are abandoned by the “It’s your choice” deflection, but as this book illustrates, has the potential to seriously impact the emotional well-being of children in the family who watch as their loved one’s killing is discussed, planned, and executed. If I were a kid and that happened to somebody I loved, I’d never want to see a doctor again. Good grief." Where is the CBC or CTV to report on these horrific facts? The truth is they blindly accept whatever the government does along this line and which is immoral and maintain their silence.
  11. On top of everything else, most Canadians must be tired of a PM who accused Canadians of genocide. We know this is especially directed against the white descendants of the European founding people who were the settlers who founded Canada over the several centuries. Many are tired of being accused of genocide and being a part of systemic racism, neither of which existed.
  12. And some liberal/left supporters on here wonder why I mention the Bible or historic Judeo-Christian cultural ideas on the politics forum at all and some try to silence me. The answer is very simple. Canada's democracy, Judeo-Christian culture, values and higher principles are being destroyed by the liberal, left mob. That's why.
  13. "What hath Justin Trudeau wrought? CAP will answer first: everything that CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail refrain from expressing. Namely, outrage that our society has degenerated into a MAid factory for Canadian-born, generational citizens. Upon which we draw a deep breath, and consider the following: What kind of country do the circumstances herein suggest Canada has become? Government push assisted death. Mainstream media have little, if any objection. Canadian academia– those educated “experts” the Liberals love to call on, have no problem with it at all. CAP Conclusion: They’re all the same. Add to this Provincial and Municipal governments. Throw in perpetual government expansion into the private sector. Mix in a tall glass, and what emerges. No surprise that we suggest the following: The creation of a monolithic elitist ruling class. Just as it was in the nascent days of communism in the Soviet Union. Can it really be? Is Canada being converted to an authoritarian state as we speak? If CAP was a betting man, we would go all-in on this one. Our next bet would be that Justin Trudeau has been hand-picked to lead Canada’s post-modern Woke Revolution." Thousands In Canada Being Euthanized Who Are Not Terminally Sick (capforcanada.com)
  14. An OPP officer just expressed his concern on the matter of the murder of a police officer in Ontario a few days ago. Two people have been charged with first degree murder. The murdered officer was ambushed and never had a chance. He stated that one of the accused had been arrested for firearm offences previously but was released and was out on bail. The police officers state they are outraged that this fellow was out on bail and said clearly the justice system failed us. This should never have happened. All Canadians should be concerned.
  15. No they didn't use a ouija board or chicken bones. The used their brains and simply see what is happening to Canada and how the immigrations system works. Simple things that anyone with any kind of knowledge and enquiring mind could find out from statistics and reports on what Trudeau has been doing. Something as simple as looking at the makeup of his cabinet, and key appointments in government right up to the top should tell you something. Some are barely Canadians. But you can go back to sleep. It doesn't concern anyone like you obviously.
  16. Your comment is predictable because we all know you are a sworn liberal worshiper and simply don't care what they do to Canada.
  17. No, you need to read the article and learn what is happening to Canada. But I know you won't because your only interest is in being "Contrarian".
  18. quote We acknowledge a fundamental fact. Away from the media spotlight, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government processed a record-number of immigration applications in 2022. The number stands at 4.8 million applications. In 2021, 2.5 million were processed. Although mentioned in a recent CAP article, it is worth additional emphasis: The total amount equates with a whopping 19.2% of the current Canadian population. Seeing as media refuse to expose this, they are also off-the-hook for reporting the source nations of these migrants: India, China, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Pakistan, USA, France. In terms of Refugee intake, the leading source nations in 2021 are Iran, Turkey, India, Haiti, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Iraq, Eritrea. The long-term impact of such a structure is well worth speculating upon. This, of course, is the main reason why CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and National Post never do so. CAP can see why. If the ruling Liberals approved dissemination of this data to Canadian-born, multi-generational citizens, they would begin to comprehend their long-term fate. CBC won’t do it, but CAP will: This socio-political structure is going to transition white Canadians to a vilified minority community. While tangible statistics exist regarding the “minority” component, the “demonized” element remains nebulous. On purpose, that is. As obfuscated by media, Justin Trudeau is making choices which may well result in an ominous fate for Anglophone communities. unquote ________________ Read the article to see how immigration is facilitating this transition from democracy to a third world dictatorship. ________________ Bingo– Canada transitions to a non-democratic, 3rd World dominant nation. Outnumbered and ostracized, Anglo-European Canadians transition to a powerless minority community. This is the plan for the future of our country. Justin Trudeau knows it, and for everyday that he remains prime minister, he will facilitate this agenda." Trudeau Re-Designing Canada Into 3rd World Dominant Dictatorship (capforcanada.com)
  19. This article seems to show that social conservatives are the real defenders of Canadian democracy while centre conservatives, liberals, and the left in conspiracy with mainstream media have failed Canadian democracy. The Cultural Action Party (CAP) is one of the voices of social conservatives. Also read the articles on the right side of the CAP webpage called Recent Posts. Also read this article: Trudeau Re-Designing Canada Into 3rd World Dominant Dictatorship (capforcanada.com) "For Cultural Action Party of Canada, it’s nothing less than a social revolution on a scale of historical transition of nations from democracy to dictatorship. For mainstream media in our country, it is as natural as winter snow in Yellowknife. We speak of what is so obviously the current state of Canadian society."
  20. Perhaps. But don't forget the Liberals have been in control for most of Canada's history and it was PM Pierre Trudeau that was infatuated with China and other Communist countries. Turned out that PM Justin Trudeau was also infatuated with Communist Cuba and China. So the Trudeaus have a dark record of love of Communist dictatorships and Fidel Castro. The Bible says to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but this is exactly what the Trudeaus and liberals did. Are you being obtuse? "If you want to learn something even more bizarre, take a look via Google to reports about PM Trudeau's brother, Alexandre, who, according to the report in this link, has worked for the Iranian government. Most Canadians don't know anything about him. Many of us remember the WE charity scandal. But there is still a lot more things to uncover. "Welcome to the hidden world of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau. Why hidden? Because if the general Canadian population understood brother “Sascha” political leanings, it would damage Justin’s reputation beyond what it is today." Buried: Justin Trudeau's Brother Alexandre Worked For IRANIAN Government (capforcanada.com) Since he is the PM's brother of course this is of interest to Canadians. Who knows, maybe he will run to become PM one day under the Trudeau banner.
  21. You are obviously just being contrary as you usually are. The 37 million Canadians who are not the political leaders have no control over the health care system. It is controlled by the provincial governments, led by Premiers and the federal government led by Trudeau. Since it is an emergency, they should not be jetting off for a vacation. That is a no-brainer. The federal government is a partner in health care funding and they have reduced their contribution significantly over the years to where it is now only 22%. There is a vaccum in leadership by the federal government. Trudeau is not fit for the job and should leave.
  22. Yes, we need to start reducing our dealings with China. It is going to be tough because the government, which has been mainly liberals, have deceived and led Canadians down the China road for decades and deceived us into thinking they were doing the right thing. China is Canada's second largest trading partner. It was known long ago that China was a human rights denier on a massive scale. Communist ideology simply trumps individual rights in China. Why would the liberals and left ignore that fact and cozy up to China? Money I guess. That is why the bible says the love of money is the root of evil.
  23. The government (PM and cabinet) are the ones that have been entrusted and highly paid by the people of Canada to take care of the health care system which is failing. So if they take off on holidays, they are not doing their job because they are the only ones that are able to fix the failing health care system. Yes, there are other needs, but health care for many people is a life and death issue and thousands could be dying because their cancer or heart issues are not being dealt with on time. So the health care issue is top priority and for Trudeau to take off on a trip to Jamaica or wherever he went is very disappointing. This attitude has serious consequences for thousands of Canadians who are waiting many hours in emergency rooms and awaiting essential medical treatments. This is not rocket science, but very simple to understand for most people.
  24. I heard Trudeau is off for a Christmas season vacation in the Caribbean. Hope it is a good holiday. In the meantime, the health care system is getting worse, nurses and doctors are struggling in hospitals and emergency rooms. One ER now on the CBC news is down to 50% of the staff they need. This is a crisis. How can politicians just take off on vacation and relax on Christmas holidays while the health care system is in a crisis. I just don't get it.
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