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  1. NIKE sees an opportunity to make money. Simple as that. You can't claim the moral high ground while producing shoes in a sweatshop.

  2. John McCain, just 10 short years ago — in the summer of 2008 — he was the worst scoundrel who ever lived, a warmonger, a white supremacist, a Nazi, the worst Nazi since Adolf Hitler and a schemer who would plunge us into a world war as soon as he was sworn in.

    Now a decade later he is the conscience of the Senate, a peacemaker, a paragon of American virtue.

    What a turnaround!

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    2. Cum Laude

      Cum Laude

      The American Left/democrats are spending seasons in the abyss. Most too stupid to see.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It's all just to try and embarrass and piss off Trump - silly games.

    4. bush_cheney2004


      President Reagan got a much bigger show....they hated him too.

  3. Shortly after the financial denouement those in seats of power might come to realize that the millions of idle hands are a liability, not an asset to the system as a whole, UNLESS, of course there is a group in power that depends on the idle hands as its power base (as has happened in Venezuela). Then, in either instance, things will get really interesting.
  4. Beyond the understanding of MSM advocates, Republican and Democrats are all the same. The national debt keeps going regardless who is in power even Trump. The machine cannot be stopped and they do not want anyone from the outside looking in. This is NOT about Trump and if he lied, had sex with 3 women at the same time, or cheated on his taxes. This is about protecting the ESTABLISHMENT and most people are just easily manipulated so they actually think this is about justice and Trump. This is about taking the government back into the hand of those in Washington.
  5. Keep you eyes peeled for an interruption in the food supply chain. If that ever happens then you will know what is just around the block.

    1. bcsapper


      I saw a Domino's car in the ditch on the way home from work!

    2. Cum Laude

      Cum Laude

      Wow....it's happening sooner than I thought.

  6. Well Mr. Xul, I think the base forces which all of the power hungry, regardless of political stripes are attempting to invoke, remind me of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Or maybe some creation from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Our national pollical system is being run by mad scientists. Even Bernie Sanders, who was seen in the 2016 run as an independent voice, has given up his “revolution”. If you’ve seen his recent interviews, they are sad. The guy sounds completely defeated. I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi put on her belly dancing outfit and svengalied the poor guy, or what. It’s like somebody got to Bernie and turned him into another brick of establishment DC.
  7. Yes our standards of living are all dropping and distracting the herd from this fact is a necessity in order to compel us all to keep working harder and harder to maintain what lifestyles we can continue to have. Once all hope is lost, the real problems start. They will milk it all as long as possible and then stand back and what the shit hit the fan.
  8. Do you think it will be a credit collapse? Just wait until the banks do a ‘bail-in’ – the shit will definitely hit the fan. Fun times await. Does anyone have enough popcorn on hand?
  9. Here's the latest on this case. 4 suspects have been charged. https://globalnews.ca/news/4422046/four-men-face-slew-of-charges-after-rcmp-officer-shooting-in-onanole-man/
  10. Rural property crime is a major problem on the prairies. This looks to be the case in this situation in which an RCMP officer was shot while responding to a call in rural Manitoba. Luckily the shot was not fatal and the officer will survive. It seems like this is a small resort style town on the edge of a national park. Not many details on the suspects have been released. I feel for people in rural areas who are vulnerable and often don't have quick responses from police due to vast areas police are responsible for. Urban elites maybe don't realize that police response is not instant on the prairies. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/rcmp-manhunt-underway-for-armed-and-dangerous-suspects-in-western-manitoba-492058991.html
  11. Is anyone aware that NATO has been staging war games on Russia’s border the past several years?

    1. Argus


      Russia holds military exercises right up next to the border of NATO countries. Do you have a problem with that? The NATO exercises in Poland and the Baltic states only have a few thousand NATO troops involved. I doubt the Russians fear they're going to invade.

  12. The idea that economy is based on a system of objective “scientific” laws, completely independent of human morality and spirituality, failed to pass the history tests.
  13. Trump’s trade war is a serious threat to the dollar reserve currency regime. The system was designed to run on permanent deficits.
  14. Africa is Lord of the Flies at a continental scale.

  15. Germany relying on Russian Gazprom for natural gas. Helps that former chancellor is CEO. Bad Russia, but let's give them billions.

  16. I am a prepper of sorts. It is my belief that someone, state sponsored or not, is going to shut down civilization as we know it. We will not know what is happening at the end of the block never mind across the sea. Chaos is the game. Controlled chaos. When the chaos becomes uncontrolled and it will, then game over. Cyberattack.
  17. The idea that drones et al can control the border is ludicrous. Boots on the ground and visual surveillance only will control the border. Does anyone listen to the opinions of the Border Patrol actually doing the work.; they are unanimous in favor of building the Wall. Why? So they can concentrate on monitoring the portions of the border where the Wall concept does not work, such as the Rio Grande river. With drones etc.The reason that so much animus is being aimed at the Wall is because using it with all the other barrier techniques will work. What would the USA do with a diminished supply of cheap labor and drugs et al? The Dark Lords of the Deep State will fight tooth and nail over the Wall.
  18. Well, Mr. Hardner, as far as the wealthy elite is concerned, they would love to bring us all down to the level of destitute poverty for then we would be far easier to control and would be far less likely to compete with them for power or resources. Those that are in these positions are there because they or their forefathers were able to eliminate their competition and establish monopolies in the fields that they controlled. What they fear, is that enough of us might wake up and realize how greedy they are, how much they have manipulated the systems, and that we might even try to level the playing fields to allow for competition in their enterprises. They do not tolerate this mentality and will do anything they can to neutralize us all. But you are free to believe what you've been programmed to believe. I choose to look at the world from multiple viewpoints. CNN and CBC provide an extremely narrow view, and quite frankly, much doctored "news".
  19. Let's tackle the immigration issue, GH. The problem is where does the polity of the USA draw the line. If we allow all the poor into the US as the Great Benefactor, we would have billions of people here. So looking at it from the poor’s perspective is not the whole story. And number two, if we let all the unfortunates enter the US, who is going to pay for them. The idea that they take no resources for support is wrong. For example, because it is a good one, California’s homeless situation is growing rapidly as people are pulling a John Steinbeck and moving to the land of warm opportunity which it is not. The attitude of California’s government is lunacy, as evidenced by the intrastate civil war that is brewing. Jesus answered the politicians of his time when they questioned the use of ointments used for him by one of the women of his group. They asked him why waste the “capital” of that, you could give the money to the poor. His answer was, there will always be poor with us, but I will be with you for only a short time. He promoted support of the poor, but not their elimination. In today’s language, there will always be a spectrum of wealth in society. Jesus taught that we need to be satisfied with our lot and be as good as we can be. This society is a powerful uplifter of people providing opportunity. That is why people die to come here. If we allow either the elite or too many indigents to destroy the ability to provide opportunity, this will come to a screeching halt. Which is exactly what Soros, Rockefeller et al want. The really scary pert is, if they were to get their way, what do they get out of it. If anyone thinks they are being altruistic, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.
  20. True. Some people like Hardner think CNN, the Toronto Star and CBC, among others are the only beacons of truth. Sad, in my opinion, and that's why the brainwashed masses are easy prey.
  21. We are witnessing the greatest change in the world economy in a thousand years or more. The “market economy” in a traditional, liberal sense is effectively finished – markets will still have some input, but prices for all major imports will be managed on the governmental level through bilateral negotiations and long-term agreements – similar to the Soviet style GOSPLAN, but on the world-wide level. Trump’s goal now is to begin managing in a manual mode prices for major imports coming into US, thereby setting the price of the dollar in relation to liquid commodities – metals, oil, LNG and so on. Otherwise, these prices, and hence the management of the smooth deflation of the dollar bubble would be in the hands of the London, European and Chinese stock exchanges. That is why the beginning of the current “strange”, unhurried trade war on the part of Trump is a blow to the British-Chinese coalition who with the help of global media was counting on the role of the main financial arbiter and a middle man. Not the most cunning manipulators will win, but the players and coalitions with the longest lasting resources. What will also stimulate the formation of coalitions, the concentration of control over resources and markets by the largest players of each of the centers of the new multi-polar world.
  22. Perhaps war with Russia is the globalist ploy to depopulate the earth since the handwriting is on the wall. There are too many people and not enough resources to go around. The billionaires have been busily building their lavishly supplied underground bunkers and compounds in recent years, particularly in New Zealand, which is thought to be one of the safer locales in the event of nuclear war. It’s doubtful the billionaire globalists would go to that extent unless they knew something was on the horizon.
  23. At least no one was hurt in the latest rural Wild West Saskatchewan incident. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/gunshot-trespass-report-battleford-farm-1.4541625

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    2. bcsapper


      Yeah, but I don't want to rely on a jury to confirm it.

    3. The_Squid



      Sounds like you’d enjoy American-style “stand your ground” idiocy....     

      “Did you see his dark skin???  I was scared for my life... “  

    4. bcsapper


      You might worry about skin colour, but I don't.  I wonder why you do.

  24. Indian government sends casually dressed junior minister to greet Canada's Trudeau.

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    2. bcsapper


      Haha, I mentioned Monty Python in the update above, then scrolled down to see JT's kid doing the Judean People's Front salute.

      Coincidences don't get any better than that.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      You mean Peoples front of Judea...wanker!

    4. bcsapper
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