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  1. McGuinty makes a giant mess. Now resigns to let somebody else clean it up. What an a-hole.

  2. Obama can change his style and tactics at the next debate. But he can't change his record.

  3. Mitt Romney would be America's Stephen Harper..

    1. Rick


      Romney is America's Harper. A clueless waste of skin who will lie, steal or cheat his way to power.

    2. BubberMiley


      I have to agree, since Harper got just 39.6% of the popular vote.

  4. 1 more day until Romney kicks Obama's ass again.

  5. Tom Brokaw: "Obama is going to have to answer for the exploding budget deficit under his watch."

    1. punked


      Maybe can answer it by pointing out he had the slowest growth in Government in the last 50 years and cut the deficit by 20% this year. Something a Republican hasn't done in 50 years. Maybe!

  6. Obama down to 58 on InTrade. He just keeps sinking.

  7. Obama falls from 74 to 59 on InTrade.

  8. LOL! Still Laughing at the Biden perma-smile, and laughing. He made an ass out of himself, I love it!

  9. Is Joe Biden high? Seriously.

    1. Smallc


      Joe Biden can't help but laugh at all the mistruths.

  10. Tampa Herald - Florida: Romney 51% 0bama 44%...

  11. The Romney-Ryan b*tch slap, round 2 begins in 5 hours.

    1. Boges


      The United Nations Human Rights Council is about as relevant as the Vice Presidential Debate.

    2. Boges


      Without the potential train wreck of Sarah Palin (and eye candy), I'm not that interested.

  12. Libya: Obama lied, people died. Including an ambassador.

  13. New IBD/TIPP Poll: Romney 49% Obama 45%

  14. I probably won't be posting again until the spam is taken care of. I'm sure some of you will be pleased.

    1. Greg


      Relax shady, quite being so dramatic.

  15. Do warning points ever expire? Like a speeding ticket on your record after 3 years.

  16. Massive surge for Romney in all polls.

  17. Zing! PEW: Romney 49% Obama 45%

    1. Boges


      Nice new look MLW! Looking forward to a chat function.

  18. Because that's how I roll.

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