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  1. 1300+ excess non-covid related deaths per week in the U.K.  Officials don’t know why.  It’s also happening in other countries.

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    2. Goddess


      OOOOOhhhhhhh, now the age of death matters to you, Boges? ?

      Sure didn't at the beginning of covid when it was the same elderly people who were dying and you accused anyone who pointed that out of wanting to kill grannies.  Remember the whole "You dont' care about old people" thing?  Hahaha.  Because I remember it.

    3. Boges


      Also in that article you cite. Those 297 cases amongst the entire population, Not just Toronto. Mostly adolescent males and not children. 

      Also that's a statistically insignificant number compared to the 19,000,000 doses that were administered. 

      Even so, there have been warnings about it's possibility. It's why Moderna isn't given younger people anymore. 


    4. Goddess


      Are we changing the definition of what is an "adult" now, too?  Adolescents are now adults?  Gawd, you people are sadly hilarious.  You will argue one point one day and the total opposite the next week.  Sorry if 297 children with heart issues aren't enough for you to feel safe yet.

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