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  1. SCOTUS: Abortion is none of our business, and so we revert the issue back to the states.

    The Left:  hOw dARe YoU!!!

    1. Boges


      Same SCOTUS. 

      A State can't restrict a person's ability to carry a concealed weapon on their person. 

      BUT the state Can force a rape victim to carry their rapists baby to term. OR they can ban contraception that allows fertilization but not implantation. 

      It's insanity.  

    2. sharkman


      I see what you did there, both items include the word, “carry”.  

    3. Shady


      Nope.  The court said nothing about contraception.  The amount of lying that’s gone on about this ruling has been ridiculous.  Regardless, guns are explicitly outlined in the constitution.  The court cannot amend the constitution.  If one doesn’t like that provision, than amend it.  Both rulings are perfectly logical.

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