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  1. The US saw the most COVID-19 cases since mid-May. They're going in the wrong direction. With no public safety measures in place, numbers will continue to rise. Deaths are also up. 

    1. Shady


      So what?  People know the risks.  Vaccines are easily available.  

    2. Boges


      It still escaped you why Lockdowns happen. 

      It's not because people are willing to get sick. It's that when they do Hospitals get overwhelmed. It would be awesome if Hospitals could refuse service to unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. But that's not how Hospitals work. 

      And overwhelmed hospitals lead to cancelled surgeries and things you COVID skeptics use as evidence COVID lockdowns are damaging to society. 

      It's a brutal feedback loop. Right not Canada is in Good shape, partly because lots of people are getting vaccinated and people are still wearing masks indoors. But, as we see in the US, Variants can take over pretty quickly. 

      The UK has seen more cases since January. 

    3. Shady


      Nope.  No more cancelling surgeries.  Not for covid patients.  They know the risk.  It’s time personal responsibility took precedence.

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