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  1. Trump fires Bannon. 

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    2. blackbird


      Good for Trump if he decided Bannon was not suitable for the U.S. National Security committee.  Probably he doesn't have experience in that area.  Glad he is not afraid to make decisions about important matters like that.

      hot enough,  why do you keep repeating the same old absurdity endlessly.  Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Dr. Goebels, believed if one repeats something enough times, it will eventually be believed.  Is that your strategy?  I don't think it will work here.  People know better and the truth about 9-11 has been widely broadcast with full details for years now.

    3. hot enough

      hot enough

      The US has been committing war crimes and genocide since before it began. 

    4. bush_cheney2004


      Saddam was hanged for war crimes in Iraq, not Bush.

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