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  1. Looks like calling something "socialist" is an offense. The principles of socialism had their merits. Our government has little to do with socialism. I am not interested to know how China gets to dominate a market. They get into a place because someone is ready to sell it to them. I have no doubt much of our forests are sold to them as well as much of the oil and gas fields. They have bought most of Vancouver too on a lower , personal level. But then you have nationalists like Argus, who believe that helping their projects actually helps Canada. (what part of Canada, I am not sure) Canada for many years has been supposedly hiring the brightest, smartest, healthiest professionals from around the world. Not only that but they have been brought over to fill specific industry demands. The final result is what you see. We are puppets of China and the US since we never tried to have our own products and stand behind our own technologies. All hi-tech jobs went to Asia, and then the next level of jobs, and then the next. What we have now is a society based entirely on the resource industries and supporting industries and businesses. We have a lot of sales associates, equipment operators, drivers, loggers and miners and of course real estate agents (surviving on overinflated real -estate prices). And that is because even Argus believes we cannot be as fast as them, as smart as them and working for less than them. So lets open our borders, give them all they want and hope for merciful treatment.
  2. Because if they do not have the raw materials they will not be able to make nothing.
  3. and start processing them, turning them into products and selling those products to China!
  4. I am curious what you personally get out of these projects? Are you employed in the Oil and Gas? A miner or a logger? You can throw all the insults you like; I can answer with the same, except I will not bother.
  5. Again wrong! We do not have to live in caves. We just do not have to ship our resources to China and destroy our environment while doing so. We need to manufacture close to where the resources are coming from and use the products again close to those places. With those multi-billion dollar projects Canada starts looking like a low-end developing country that can do nothing better than export raw materials.
  6. I always have Canada in mind. If I wanted to have the type of freedom they have in the States, I would have been there. But I do not. This type of freedom where every week some 15-20 kids or someones employees get killed in a mass shooting is not really my type of thing. Freedom is one thing, but having masses of stupid, irresponsible or downright crazy people requires those to be managed and limited in some of the destruction they can potentially cause. Sorry but total freedom is not a really good thing. We may as well each grab a gun and start killing ourselves; the ultimate freedom.
  7. This is what typical capitalist propaganda looks like. Nothing is "LOST"; because it was never there. The actual proposal under those projects is this: "We can sell your forests, oil, gas and metals and this will bring us $196 billion. In the process we will destroy your favorite rivers, mountains, ocean resorts; we will kill the wildlife, cause an environmental catastrophe like the World has never known; wipe out your tourist industry, fishing industry and farming; we will contaminate your water sources, flood your houses or cause severe droughts and wild fires. But you vote for our projects because they are good for Canada ." (hi-hi-hi , this patriotic spin fools them all the time).
  8. And who are those political enemies? The communists? I have seen it all - socialist parties, democratic parties, labor parties, green parties, conservatives and liberals and I also remember a time when in a small country we had no less than 45 different parties, all trying to get to power. It is always the same - masses who become poorer and disillusioned and those few on top who never have enough and need to take more. But in simplistic terms , it is about space, food and feeling on top of it all. If the human population grows, regardless of political order, the final results are the same. If I had to pick enemies, it will not be based on politics or parties. I would look for those who consume too much an dump their trash in the bush, the river or the ocean. I would look for those who have too many kids; those that burn unnecessarily too much fuels, those that have decided to stock up on precious stones and minerals, destroying the environment to satisfy their madness, I would go after those who continue to hunt for rare large animals of which there are very few left; those that want to live over land too large for them. Those that create the conditions under which mountains of raw materials are transported over the oceans, to get processed and returned as goods. These will be my enemies.
  9. “If carbon pricing is so clearly within the tradition of conservatism, why do today’s conservative leaders reject it so strongly? There are only two credible answers: Either they aren’t really conservatives or they don’t really believe climate change is a serious problem.” There is clearly another credible answer: they do not think the carbon tax is a solution.
  10. My guess is that when people run out of arguments they start foaming at the mouth and begin throwing insults. It would be nice to live on EI, social, disability or another government program. Unfortunately I have to work for my money. Where does money come from? It comes from the same environment. Someone has to take from it, sell it, and then keep the proceeds to himself less what he owes those that helped him in the process. So by working, I too contribute to the growth of capitalism and the destruction of environment in Canada. It appears, it doesn't matter how many white supremacists are in the Canadian forces. Just imagine half of them are commies..... ha-ha-ha.
  11. I knew you were doing that. You are also doing donuts on the roads burning your tires for fun. If I do not stop you Nature will do that for me.
  12. ha-ha-ha, no I will stick around to show you the right way.
  13. Ms McKenna's new addition from today: Environment and Climate Change Canada - Weather issued a tornado warning for Gatineau and the National Capital Region. Please stay safe, pay attention to instructions from authorities, and take cover immediately if threatening weather approaches With this type of environment protection no wonder we start getting tornadoes in Gatineau. Hope Parliament Hill is spared, or should I hope for the opposite.
  14. It would be nice to have an economy of ideas, but we live in a material world. It is about taking from the environment, buying, consuming and then disposing of those mountains of waste at a dump or, in many cases, where our eyes can see and deem fit. Conservatives will never get my trust for protecting the environment after Harper. The reality is that economy expansion and environment protection are incompatible. This country has pushed for a population increase since at least the mid 80's, most likely much earlier. 300,000 people/year is a large sized city that has to be built somewhere in Canada every year, at the expense of the environment and wildlife that were there before. For as long as this practice continues, we cannot speak about environment protection. Our government cannot even pick the low lying fruit in the form of phasing out those big 4x4 trucks, boats, snowmobiles, dirt bikes that are unnecessary toys used by entitled individuals with no regard for their carbon footprint or for anybody else around them. There is a lot that can be done, unfortunately all that IS done goes against the grain of conservation. And since this country is run by people having names like Kenney or McKenna or other Ken;'s and Mac's this leaves the issues at the hands of the Queen; those appear to be her descendants and servants.
  15. This question should be answered by a Croatian or Bosnian. My opinion would be based on hearsay, so it is not an opinion but rather a gut feeling.
  16. I have nothing against them; Russians, Germans, French, Norwegians, Macedonians.....but I do have a bit of a grudge against the British for messing up the World. Civilizing it, as they would see it, but trying to exploit other territories and expand their empire, as I see it.
  17. Originally from Eastern Europe and in Canada since 2001. I lived in Ontario for 5 years and the rest in BC.
  18. Oh boy....So what is your background, personally? My view is that Britain was a country with some national identity before they tried to swallow the World, and it appears the World has swallowed them. Them and the US, because of how messed up their immigration policies are, can actually be blamed for the wave of displaced Middle East people who settled in the EU. Now even Germany has the British problem.
  19. Ms McKenna added the following material to her Facebook page together with two pictures - one of burning Albertan forests and one of Jason Kenney looking happily at the sky: "As families are forced from their homes by fires, including one that's grown to be more than three times the size of Edmonton, my thoughts go out to everyone affected. We'll keep taking action and fighting climate change with Albertans and all Canadians — for our environment, for our health, and for our future." Her post points at an article titles "As Alberta Burns, Jason Kenney Repeals Carbon Tax" So by "taking action" Ms McKenna means "paying carbon tax". She is OK with putting another 2,000km gas, oil or bitumen pipeline on the map. She is fine with the deforestation going on over the Coastal mountains. She is totally fine with bringing another 300,000 Indians or Chinese to Canada next year and finding them jobs. She is also fine with companies polluting our waters and dumping toxic sludge in pristine rivers and glaciers. She is fine with all dead animals on the roads and railways or poisoned beside tailing ponds. She is fine with increase air pollution by more airplanes and helicopters in the sky. She's perfectly fine with increased levels of noise pollution even on Saturdays. Of course she is, the bitch has no clue what she is doing as she has no environmental degree or even basic knowledge to back up her ministerial post. All she can come up with is "PAY YOUR CARBON TAX and LET US DO THAT MAGIC FOR YOU!. YOU WILL BE SAVED" No McKenna, I do not think so.
  20. I am also puzzled (to put it mildly) by the carbon tax strategy of Ms. McKenna. Since I am ill educated on the subject I often resort to the Minister's Facebook page to glean information on her environmental strategies. A few key phrases get repeated on her page: "Environment and Economy go hand in hand!" , "Pollution is no longer free!" etc, etc These lines bring me back to the late 70's and early 80s when I and my schoolmates were chiming similar socialist propaganda. While it appears some of the carbon tax collected is refunded to those it came from (bizarre , isn't it), some will end up in the government's coffers. But how does it affect our behavior? The rich will continue flying on their jets, continue to have a huge carbon footprint and will continue to not care. The poor will continue to go to work and just become poorer if the tax is not refunded to them. Net effect: a bit of extra money for the government and no progress on the climate change front. Maybe we should monitor the Minister's relevant posts. Today she posted this: "Canadians see the climate changing in the flooding, the fires, the storms, and the heat waves. The NDP want to do some of the things we are already doing to fight climate change, but their approach would threaten jobs and hurt workers. We invite them to support the many other measures we are taking, including a just transition for workers, ensuring it's no longer free to pollute, and investing to help communities adapt to a changing climate." ...........then continuing her usual assault on conservatives. same old, same old Maybe McKenna should let us know how she let Imperial Metals off the hook for what they did to Quesnel Lake and river, or how she approves one pipeline after another and creates jobs to protect the environment. Oh , my, what an endless volley of crap on that Facebook page.
  21. Are you sure? Nowadays even in photo ops they try to include a black, a Chinese , a Filipino , a First Nation's person, so they do not get blamed for being biased. If you have a company with 12 employees and all are East Indian, clearly you have been looking for East Indians.
  22. Funny, but not a good analogy. The underlying concept of Canada (at least in the past) was that it is predominantly white. This was at least my interpretation of it. Had I known that I would have to live in predominantly East Indian or Chinese cities, that would have changed my decision back then. As I said before, no bad feelings, I would just rather live among people I feel comfortable with. Why am I picking on the East Indians? It is probably more than one reason but the main one is this: I cannot trust those folks:period. Discrimination? Well, it is more like the Trump's embargo on Iran or Cuba - there has to be some reason. In my case any chance I give them, they screw it up. Years ago, under some extreme circumstances I started work at a place run by East Indians. They had quite a few of their own working there but still a few white people in the mix. My employment lasted about 6-8 weeks by memory. This is how long it took them to bring one of their own from the States to give him my job. It was all going to look fine on the surface had they not started the process of bringing that fellow with his wife over, before they had even hired me. So I filed a case with the BC Human Rights Tribunal and I had it well presented and backed by facts, data and believe it or not, statistics. Statistics showed that based on the general representation of East Indians in Canada which was about 4% it was all but impossible that after hiring 6 East Indians out of a team of 8 people total, their next hire would be again a East Indian had it not been for discrimination. The BC Tribunal, however did not want to even look at the case. If you are an East Indian against whites - they will take your back. My case - a white against East Indians? Impossible. So, they screwed me up big time with lies that made me incur moving costs. And to be honest, I did not trust them since day one and knew something like this was going to happen but still gave them the benefit of the doubt. It will never happen again.
  23. I see things exactly the same way. What I want to see though is this being made public with all the bloodied animal noses shown in public I want it in the face of all those screw ups of politicians!
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