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  1. "Hey hey ho ho Rob Ford has got to go!" Chant the crowd at a Nathan Philips square rally.Thousands expected.

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    2. Signals.Cpl


      No, they tried to subvert the democratic process as they have been doing for the last few years. Election was lost but that has not stopped some people from trying to force their opinions on the majority of voters...

    3. WWWTT


      Ya actually the way I remember it,several hundred people were practicing their constitutional right to a peaceful protest.But the way you say it,these protestors were attempting a "coup"

    4. Signals.Cpl


      It is the same group of people who have been attempting to force Mayor Ford to resign... I would love it when Ford wins next election, I want to see what the likes of you would come with to make Toronto the laughing stock of the continent.

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