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  1. You're not making an argument, Boges, you're flailing around desperately trying to salvage the tattered vestiges of your blinkered world view. More desperate flailing. This is what happens when your life is an unbroken series of memes.
  2. Mindless patriotism is as bad, often times worse, than personal conceit. Look at how many of the poor of the world have died because of mindless, brain dead, fake to the bone "patriotism".
  3. Gee, a communist country is outdoing the USA in capitalism. And note that this communist country, pointed out as evil by sanctimonious westerners, isn't invading other countries, isn't terrorizing other countries, doesn't have military bases in dictator supported countries. But who does, none other than the saviour of the oppressed, the shining city on a hill, the good ole us of a. The usa, the great free trader, doesn't like trading with other countries?? Hypocritical much!
  4. The memes come out in full force. Couldn't you at least have tried to be the tiniest little bit original, Argus. Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman, or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or "disappeared", at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame. - Amnesty International, 1996
  5. A century long Canadian government genocide (supported to this day by many Canadian "citizens") set up and is responsible for this sick cycle. What have you done to end the cycle?
  6. You're way too emotionally invested in the bs, DD, "democratically elected". Democratic, rule of law countries don't hide their genocides, their government and societal nazis. You know, having been steeped in democracy, what is supposed to happen in those situations.
  7. Ample proof of Canada supporting genocide exists because it continued for over a century. Harper supports genocide by providing cover for those who perpetuated it.You're either a supporter of genocide or one who is against genocide. Odd how the Nazis were the devil incarnate, but when one becomes just like the Nazis in kind, "reconciliation" becomes the new buzz word.
  8. You can argue degree, DD, but as to both being supporters of genocide, yes.
  9. Facts are facts. Israel and the USA are doing all they can to perpetuate genocide. That's nothing new for the USA as genocide is official USA policy.
  10. That's wonderful science, PIK. Keep up the good work. A lot of money could have been saved with this one fireman instead of all those NIST "scientists".
  11. Israel is engaged in a new Holocaust, one that they continue to drags out over time. Of course one cannot overlook the support and assistance given them by self righteous western nations.
  12. Crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity, so in the sense that Israel continues to perpetuate these crimes over a much longer period of time, then yes, they are worse than the Holocaust.
  13. And Harper and Canada and so many of its self righteous people have been studiously ignoring this genocide since forever. There are many, who like the Nazis, should be doing jail time.
  14. There's no need to measure the temperature. If it's molten, it's above the temperatures that could have come from the hydrocarbon/organic fuels that were available. That means a fuel source that was not legitimate. That means the official story is bunk, a bunch of silly government conspiracy nonsense. Yeah right, science! How come no one has been willing to discuss the science?
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